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Boxing ‘lacks punch’

Miami, Estados Unidos, Venezuela, Caracas
Boxing ‘lacks punch’

Greenidge, 39, the winner of a Commonwealth Games bronze medal in Manchester in 2002, told Weekend Sport that boxing was at an all-time low and he is willing to spearhead a revival, but the corporate sector has to come onboard.

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“Boxing badly needs help and it hurts me to see that little is happening in the sport. I am looking to target the blocks because those boys can be easily trained. I know amateur boxers cannot receive monies but can collect development funding so they can buy their vitamins and gear.

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“The standard of boxing has sunk and I think someone like me has to play a role in reviving it because I know what it takes to win medals and produce champions,” he said

A passionate Greenidge said that if a facility came to fruition, he could have former world-rated boxers Floyd Mayweather Sr and Roy Jones Jr coming to Barbados as technical advisers to launch the fight programme here