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Content Policy. All contents on this site belong to the Department of Highway Safety and Motor Vehicles Driver’s Handbook of Florida in 2013 which is currently in force to test driving the State of Florida. These contents are true copy of the original content of the book. This is a further guide to all those who wish to successfully pass the driving test of the state of Florida for Drivers License.

All text in orange and highlighted letters were prepared by the editors of SAFEDRIVEFLORIDA.COM for easier reading and that the user knows the possible answers to the questions driving test state of Florida.

If you do not read the Driver’s Handbook FLORIDA hardly pass the exam. However all content is highlighted in the SAFEDRIVEFLORIDA.COM portal will help tremendously to pass the exam.

Remember to pass the driving test you should study, but SAFEDRIVEFLORIDA will help you gain a better understanding of the driving test and possible answers.