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Gov’t unwraps $1.5B development package for La Parfaite Harmonie

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Gov’t unwraps $1.5B development package for La Parfaite Harmonie

Director-General of the Ministry of the Presidency, Mr. Joseph Harmon engaging with residents of La Parfaite Harmonie during the community meeting The APNU+AFC Coalition Government on Saturday rolled out a $1.5B package for roads, sidewalks, drainage, street lamps, playgrounds and other facilities for the community of La Parfaite Harmonie, West Bank Demerara.

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The package includes commissioning of a new police station, construction of two new wells, subsidies for home-owners to build core homes; and grants to upgrade low-income homes. Works is scheduled to start within days.

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Prime Minister Hon Moses Nagamootoo engaging residents of La Parfaite Harmonie PM2 In a report, the Department of Public Information said residents of the West Bank Demerara community were given the opportunity to relay their concerns to a government team, led by Prime Minister, Hon. Moses Nagamootoo, during a “mini-outreach”. In his remarks to residents gathered at the La Parfaite Harmonie Primary School, the Prime Minister, Moses Nagamootoo assured that their concerns will be dealt with speedily. The government’s team also included Director-General of the Ministry of the Presidency, Joseph Harmon; Minister of Communities, Hon. Ronald Bulkan; Minister within the Ministry of Communities, with responsibility for Housing, Hon. Annette Ferguson; Minister within the Ministry of Public Infrastructure, Hon. Jaipaul Sharma and Managing Director of Guyana Water Incorporated (GWI), Dr. Richard Van-West Charles.

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After the eight Regional Outreaches, the Prime Minister explained that DG Harmon has embarked upon ‘mini outreaches’ to communities that would need extra attention. He indicated that when the Coalition Government entered office in 2015, it was the director-general, who was then Minister of State, that spearheaded the first outreaches to Lethem in Region Nine, Anna Regina in Region Two and Linden in Region 10. He further explained that after a review of the concerns emanating from all the regional outreaches, some communities have been earmarked for mini-outreaches. “Parfaite Harmonie, we [government] are here to listen to you, we have brought the heads of the agencies and they will work to rectify your concerns with immediate action,” the prime minister said. He clarified that most of these problems have been inherited from the previous administration. “We inherited problems existing long before we came into to government. This you must know; so, we have gone at breakneck speed to bring solutions to these communities.” Addressing Saturday’s activity, he stated “today will be a different exercise of delivering services to those communities in partnership with you. These are your problems and ultimately, they require the attention of the NDC, the region and central government and we all are going to be working in partnership.” The residents articulated that many are dealing with impassable roads, lack of adequate security and the need for improved water supply.

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Police station

Minister of Communities, Hon. Ronald Bulkan speaking to residents of La Parfaite Harmonie during the community meeting Meanwhile, residents can now feel a sense of security, with the expected opening of a police station in the community that is home to over twenty thousand persons. This was disclosed by Deputy Commissioner of Police, Nigel Hoppie during a community engagement with the residents.

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The police station is to be commissioned within a month; the news was welcomed by residents since the community is already experiencing a 27% decrease in crime.

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A resident, Saleem Khan, said “A police station in a month is very good. At least from this gathering, the residents of La Parfaite Harmonie have an idea of what is the plan, through the Commissioner of Police and the Region 3 ‘D’ Division what to expect coming down the road. So, it is very good that they are opening the police station in the area.”

Maxine Fredericks also welcomed the news which she believes will help with further reducing criminal activities in the area along with the help of the community. “The opening of the police station, we need that, collaborating with the community and stakeholders within the community like the business community, that is very important,” Fredericks said

Karl Taylor, Chairman of the La Parfaite Harmonie Community Policing Group believes the opening of the station is a step in the right direction. Taylor indicated that the CPGs will be “working with the police at the station and we will be making sure that crimes keep to a minimum.”

Residents of Parfaite Harmonie at the community meeting Deputy Commissioner Hoppie said the station will be fully manned by more than 30 officers. “There will 29 ranks headed by an inspector, one sergeant, six corporals and 11 constables. We already have the sub-divisional officers who are here and his number is one that would have to be given to you so that he can be contacted,” he told the residents. It was also highlighted that when the station is established, youth groups will be formed that will work directly with the officers. The Deputy Commissioner also called on residents to play their role in keeping the community safer by partnering with the officers. While there is already a CPG within the community, more residents are being urged to join the group

Community ground Government also announced the building of a community ground and multipurpose centres in full operation within the next four weeks

The announcement was made by Permanent Secretary of the Department of Social Cohesion, Melissa Tucker. Tucker said that the Community Development Council is handling an additional $5M that will go towards the construction of multipurpose grounds. “I know for a fact that there has been a ground identified in La Parfaite Harmonie that the region will be developing,” she explained