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Seth Rogen and Wife Lauren Have Spent More Than $21,000 on Postmates — See Their Orders

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Seth Rogen and Wife Lauren Have Spent More Than $21,000 on Postmates — See Their Orders

View photos The Rogens sure love their Postmates.

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In an interview with  Postmates’ spotlight series , The Receipt,  Seth Rogen  and wife  Lauren Miller Rogen  revealed that they’ve had a tendency to order often from the food delivery app.

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In fact, the couple’s purchases over the past five years totals to $21,320, which is roughly $4,200 a year

“Because we don’t usually have time to cook, we order food a lot,” Seth and Lauren, both 37, shared. “The hardest times are when neither of us have a food vision for the night. That’s when someone has to dig deep and find the craving within.”

According to the couple’s Postmates receipts, their most expensive receipt came out to $276 in August 2017 from sushi restaurant Sugarfish, which has locations in both Los Angeles and New York City

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The couple also generously treated themselves with Postmates on April 20, 2016 to celebrate Seth’s cannabis company Houseplant. The order from Canter’s Delicatassen included a grilled cheese sandwich, matzo ball soup, and chicken tender appetizers

A year prior, the  Superbad  actor rang in his 33rd birthday with $157.61 worth of Izaka-Ya by Katsu-Ya. Lauren’s 35th birthday in 2017 included a Kung Pho Bistro order of $74.11

And when it comes to picking which cuisine to munch on, the couple rarely disagrees

“Fortunately, we’re pretty much on the same page,” they said. “These days we’re pretty healthy except for a few cheat meals a week. Those are usually some kind of buffalo or Korean fried chicken wing, yummy Italian, dumplings — something real splurgy.”

View photos Seth Rogen | Frazer Harrison/Getty More Seth also ordered in often during filming  An American Pickle  in Pittsburg for two months in 2018. Between Halloween and Dec. 10, he placed 10 Postmates orders of 36 items total

But while the couple admittedly splurge on Postmates, they also give back to those in need. In September, they hosted the Hilarity for Charity County Fair, raising money for Alzheimer’s awareness

“It has all the ingredients of a very good time,” Seth told PEOPLE at the carnival. “And all in the name of something that is not at all a good time. I think that contrast is what has been interesting for people and it’s been a draw for people — to attack a subject that is decidedly not that fun with an approach that is as fun as we can make it.”

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Lauren’s mother was diagnosed with  Alzheimer’s Disease  at 55 and for the Rogens, hosting a comedy-filled charity event was the perfect way for them to help an important cause

“I think because I felt alone, it was important to create something where young people could feel a part of this disease and feel like they could have a hand in fighting against it,” she told PEOPLE. “That idea just led to, combined with the fact that Seth is a comedian and I’m kind of funny, it’s just what came naturally to us.”

The fundraising event included celebrity guests like  Bill Hader ,  Adam Devine ,  Busy Philipps , and  Regina Hall