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‘Help us find the high-powered weapons’

'Help us find the high-powered weapons'

With the increased number of assault rifles being found throughout Trinidad and ­Tobago, Police Commissioner Gary Griffith is calling on the public to work with the Police Service in ­removing these high-powered ­rifles from the streets.

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At the time, Griffith was speaking at the police weekly news briefing at Police Administration Building, Port of Spain.

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He was supported by DCP Jayson Forde and Superintendent Wayne Mystar.

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While holding a Galil rifle to demonstrate his point, Griffith noted assault weaponry weren’t “toy guns” and that no one can justify having these weapons.

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“Any politician that can justify someone having something like this that can kill 35 people in seconds, I see it as being irresponsible, and they need to get their act together,” Griffith said. He added, “This is a weapon of mass destruction, a weapon of war, with the fire power to kill hundreds of individuals.”

Killing dozens in seconds

To demonstrate this, he said there were technically 50 fewer shootings this year when compared to last year. However, the murder toll for 2019 (at 456 up to last night) was just a two less than the same period last year

“We have a situation in a country where the number of homicides can pass for that of countries that are in armed conflicts, and the reason being because of the type of weapons the criminals have

“Criminal elements no longer have side arms. So when they use these types of weapons, the damage is greater,” Griffith said

He added, “If you have someone with weapons like this, you know what the intentions are. Their intention is to kill and they can kill dozens within seconds

“It is time for the people in the community to circle the wagon and fight back against the crimi­nal elements. It is time that the scales of justice be tilted towards law-abiding citizens and not ­criminals.”